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Consider the prevalence of tobacco use among teenagers in the United States (2009 study):
26% of high school students report some tobacco use (cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, cigars).
19.5% of high school students were current cigarette smokers.
14% of high school students reported cigar use.
8.9% of all high school students used smokeless tobacco.

Oral Effects of Tobacco
Tooth stains and discoloration.
Halitosis: A condition of having fetid breath.
Calculus: A concretion on teeth; an incrustation on the teeth consisting of plaque that has become hardened by the deposition of mineral salts.
Calculus formation. Smokers have higher levels of calculus formation than non-smokers. Calculus deposits make it easier for plaque to stick to teeth and cause periodontal disease and
dental caries.
Tobacco has a direct carcinogenic effect on the epithelial cells of the oral mucous membranes and may cause oral cancer.

Encouraging patients to quit smoking or using chewing tobacco can have positive effects on both their general and oral health.
26% of high school students in the United States report some tobacco use.
Tobacco use promotes calculus formation, which in turn, increases the risk for periodontal disease.
All forms of tobacco are carcinogenic.
8.9% of all high school students used smokeless tobacco.

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