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AAP Policy on Risk Assessment

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has 2 recent policy statements about oral health risk assessment:

  1. Fluoride Use in Caries Prevention in the Primary Care Setting (2014)
  2. Maintaining and Improving the Oral Health of Young Children (2014)

The AAP also endorses the 2 child-focused modules of the Society for Teachers of Family Medicine Smiles for Life National Oral Health Curriculum, available online at

According to the AAP:

  • All children should begin receiving oral health risk assessments by 6 months of age by a qualified pediatrician or pediatric health care professional
  • Risk assessment and clinical evaluation should be done at every well child visit to determine which infants would benefit from early, more aggressive intervention
  • Oral health is included in the Bright Futures/AAP Recommendations for Preventive Pediatric Health Care
Fast Facts
In keeping with AAP policy, a caries risk assessment and clinical evaluation should be performed at every well-child visit, beginning at 6 months of age.
The purpose of the risk assessment is to determine if an infant would benefit from early, aggressive dental intervention.
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