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Dental Visits, continued
To facilitate referrals, consider creating a list of local pediatric dentists and use this as a handout for families. In addition, it is important to create working relationships with local pediatric and general dentists to allow for “emergent” referrals. The following national agencies may be helpful in finding local dentists:

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
211 East Chicago Avenue, Suite 700
Chicago, IL 60611-2663
Phone: 312/337-2169

American Dental Association
211 East Chicago Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611-2678
Phone: 312/440-2500 (Click on "Find an ADA Member Dentist")
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children with risk factors for caries be seen by a dentist within 6 months of eruption of the first tooth or 12 months of age, whichever comes first.
Risk factors such as special health care needs and sleeping with a bottle warrant referral to a dentist.
It is recommended that, whenever possible, all children be referred to a dentist by 12 months
of age.
It is important to create relationships with local dentists to allow for “emergent” referrals.
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