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Anticipatory Guidance by Age, continued
Toddler (1-3 years)
Recommend brushing at least twice daily.
Discontinue bottle use, preferably by 12 months of age.
If a sippy cup is offered between meals, it should contain only milk or water. If juice is offered, it should be restricted to mealtimes.
Sippy cups containing fruit juices, soft drinks, sweet teas, formula, or milk should not be given to the child at bedtime or nap time.
Limit snacks to one time between meals.

Preschool and School-Age Children
Review oral hygiene—brushing and flossing.
Encourage regular dental visits.
Review fluoride sources, both systemic and topical. Prescribe fluoride if indicated.
Counsel to limit cariogenic snacks between meals, especially soda, juice, sweets, and “sticky” foods (see Feeding and Nutrition Practices). Encourage families to choose fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grain snacks.
Dental Sealants: Recommend for all high-risk patients ages 6
and 12.
Parents of infants should be counseled to begin brushing once teeth erupt.
Parents of toddlers should be advised to limit sippy cup use and to keep snacks to 1 time between meals.
Cariogenic snacks should be limited for all children, with fresh fruit, vegetables, and whole grains being the snacks of choice.
Adolescents have unique issues that need to be addressed, such as oral piercing and tobacco use.
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