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CATCH supports pediatricians to collaborate within their
communities to advance the health of all children.



CATCH is proud to collaborate with the following councils and section:

  • Council on Community Pediatrics (COCP): to fund one resident grant in honor of Dr Ben Gitterman for his service as COCP chairperson. The funded project will address poverty and child health or environmental health.
  • Council on School Health (COSH): to sponsor two resident grants for projects that work with schools to promote mental health, to reduce absenteeism, or to address early literacy, vision and hearing, pregnancy prevention, asthma, physical activity, ADHD, school breakfast, and violence prevention or other issues to promote the health and learning of children living in poverty.
  • Section on Pediatric Trainees (SOPT): to sponsor two projects that address food security, access to health care, poverty, child toxic stress and early brain and child development, promoting social-emotional health among young children, early childhood literacy or child care. These topics areas align with SOMSRFT’s 2014-2016 FACE Poverty Campaign.

One Pediatrician Can Make a Difference

Watch this video featuring Dr. Alejandro Clavier's CATCH project and learn about what it takes to do community work. Dr. Robert Zarr A 2001 CATCH Resident Grant is still going strong. NPR recently featured Dr. Robert Zarr's prescription to help kids get more active.  
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