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CATCH supports pediatricians to collaborate within their communities
to advance the health of all children.


Congratulations to our newest CATCH grantees!
View grantees and project descriptions

A Warm Welcome to Our New Leaders
Please join us in welcoming the newly appointed chairperson of the District CATCH Facilitators, Wendy Hobson-Rohrer, MD, MSPH, FAAP (former District VIII Facilitator). Other new appointments include four District CATCH Facilitators - District I Rob Dudley, MD, MEd, FAAP; District VII Thira Choojitarom, MD, FAAP; District VIII Cody Conklin-Aguilera, MD, FAAP; District IX Janice Kim, MD, MPH, FAAP; and National CATCH Resident Liaison, Judy Lin, MD.

Many thanks to Ronald V. Marino, DO, MPH, FAAP, 2012-2015 chairperson; District I Robert H. Holmberg, Jr, MD, MPH, FAAP; District VII Louis Appel, MD, MPH, FAAP; District IX Nate McFarland, MD, FAAP; and National CATCH Resident Liaison Kymberly Gonzalez, MD. Thank you all for your years of dedicated service to the CATCH program.

CATCH Facilitators and Resident Liaisons

  • CATCH facilitators promote community pediatrics and support pediatricians who engage with their community to improve child health by helping them with CATCH grant proposal development and project implementation.
  • Each AAP Chapter has at least one Chapter CATCH Facilitator, and each District has a District CATCH Facilitator and a Resident CATCH Liaison. Two National Resident CATCH Liaisons serve as a resource for the District Resident Liaisons.
In its 20-year history CATCH has made an impact in communities around the country. Read about how it has influenced community pediatrics in this Pediatrics article.


One Pediatrician Can Make a Difference

Watch this video featuring Dr. Alejandro Clavier's CATCH project and learn about what it takes to do community work. Dr. Robert Zarr A 2001 CATCH Resident Grant is still going strong. NPR recently featured Dr. Robert Zarr's prescription to help kids get more active.  
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