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CATCH Issue Briefs

Strategies for Addressing Challenges
To strengthen the program, better understand the experience of grantees and provide additional support and guidance to future applicants and grantees, the CATCH program reiewed application and final report materials from eighteen 2003-2004 Implementation Grant recipients. Three issue briefs were developed from this review. The first issue brief, Implementing CATCH Programs: Strategies for Addressing Common Challenges, is now available. This brief addresses four common areas of challenge faced by CATCH grantees during the review process: partnerships, staffing, scheduling, and evaluation.

Forming and Maintaining Effective CATCH Partnerships
Challenges presented by community partnerships are further explored in the second issue brief. Many CATCH projects have benefited greatly from the knowledge, resources, insight and support of a wide variety of partnerships. In some cases, however, CATCH grantees have found working with their community partners to be quite challenging. A review of the partnership experiences of several past CATCH grantees suggests some particular strategies which grantees should carefully consider as they identify, recruit, engage and work with partner organizations. This issue brief, Forming and Maintaining Effective CATCH Partnerships: Lessons from the Field, describes these strategies and offers relevant examples shared by former CATCH grantees as models or cautions.

Bringing Community Pediatrics to Life
The third issue brief, outlines the recommendations developed by the Council on Community Pediatrics for pediatrician involvement in community pediatrics, and demonstrates how they can be implemented by CATCH projects. By providing examples of strategies and approaches used by pediatricians in practice, we hope to inspire others to implement and operationalize these recommendations through developing innovative, community-based initiatives of their own.

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