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COCP Council on Community Pediatrics

The Council on Community Pediatrics (COCP) is a community of pediatricians and child health professionals focused on improving population health, and expanding the pediatrician's focus from one child to all children in the community.

We work to improve the health of children living in poverty, protect the health and safety of immigrant children, reduce health disparities, and address social determinants of health. The Council on Community Pediatrics collaborates with the CATCH program, and other programs in the AAP Division of Community-based Initiatives.

AAP members are encouraged to become a part of this community by joining the membership and getting involved in COCP activities.

COCP members have access to the following member benefits:

  • Monthly “Resources for Community Pediatricians” publications with funding announcements, research news, and policy updates
  • Opportunities to participate in the development of AAP practice resources, educational materials, and policies
  • Opportunities to serve as an AAP Community Pediatrics media spokesperson and advocate for underserved children and families
  • Membership in COCP Special Interest Groups on Prevention and Public Health, Immigrant Child Health, and Rural Health
  • Special events at the AAP National Conference and Exhibition

Learn more about the Council on Community Pediatrics and Join the Membership.

For more information, email cocp@aap.org.

American Academy of Pediatrics, 141 Northwest Point Blvd., Elk Grove Village, IL, 60007, 847-434-4000