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Dyson Initiative

In 1999, the Dyson Foundation of Millbrook, New York, under the direction of Dr. Anne E. Dyson, launched this bold and innovative training initiative. The initiative came in response to two intertwined stimuli: 1) the problems facing children and families both within and as a result of their community, and 2) the growing desire on the part of pediatric residents to address these problems. She recognized the need to address a fundamental aspect of pediatrics - its community response.

Through an extensive review process and two grant cycles, the Dyson Foundation funded 10 pediatric residency training programs to incorporate the principles of community pediatrics into their residency curricula. These programs have gone forward to implement new training curricula, develop innovative tools and resources for community pediatrics training and evaluation, and build strong partnerships with community-based organizations.

The Dyson Initiative National Evaluation is designed to assess the effectiveness of the Dyson Initiative focused on innovative residency training experiences in partnership with community-based organizations at 10 residency programs. The study team, from the Johns Hopkins Women's and Children's Health Policy Center, is conducting this cross-site evaluation by examining outcomes in three areas: residency training programs, individual residents, and national trends related to residency education. The investigators are supported in their efforts by a National Evaluation Advisory Committee. More specific information about the design and status of the national evaluation can be accessed here.



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