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Project Title:  Healthy Eyes Healthy Futures Massachusetts
Grant ID: 2206
City, State: Boston, MA
Year (start of the project):  2013  (5 Year Grant Period)
Program Name:  Healthy Tomorrows Partnerships for Children Grants
Program Web Site:  www.aap.org/htpcp

Primary Topic:  Vision Health

Key Words:  Vision Impairment, School Readiness, Health Education, Community Outreach, Eye Care

Program Description:  Healthy Eyes Healthy Futures Massachusetts project will result in identification and treatment of vision problems in young children that may lead to developmental delay. Through collaboration between Prevent Blindness America, the Children’s Vision Massachusetts Coalition, experts, and key stakeholders, the project results will elevate the role of vision health in existing developmental assessment and parent education efforts in community settings and primary care practices.

Projects Goals & Objectives:  The goal of the project is to enhance existing initiatives- pediatric and educational developmental assessments, Reach Out and Read, home visitation and school nurse education programs- by introducing eye health information and vision assessment components that will result in earlier identification of vision problems in young children in the communities of Boston and Springfield, MA.

Target Population: 
Pediatric population (all ages)
Urban inner-city

Institution Name:  National Society for the Prevention of Blindness & The Children’s Vision Massachusetts Coalition

AAP District:  District I

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