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  Healthy Tomorrows Partnership for Children Program

HTPCP is a competitive grant program that awards funds to innovative, community-based projects to improve access to health care and promote preventive health services. To learn more, view our fact sheet or visit Program Overview.

Interested in quantifying the value of your Healthy Tomorrows program? Listen to the introductory Return on Investment webinar.
Disclaimer: This webinar is intended for educational use. Additional economic analysis technical assistance is available at no-cost to Healthy Tomorrows grantees only.
Are you implementing a pediatric medical home? Showcase your work through the National Center for Medical Home Implementation by completing an application for innovative and promising practices in pediatric medical home implementation.
The Digital Navigator
Webinar: Who’s Leading the Leading Health Indicators?
Join the AAP community of immunizers
White House "Healthy Communities Challenge"
Media-Smart Youth On-Demand Webinar
Share your story! The Well-Woman Project




To help support community-based programs in planning for sustainability, Healthy Tomorrows has released four tip sheets.
Ninety two percent of Healthy Tomorrows projects sustain 1 year beyond their 5-year grant and a majority have documented outcomes. View the updated data brief to learn more about the sustainability and impact of Healthy Tomorrows projects.
Healthy Tomorrows: Past, Present and Future video highlights the work of the HTPC Program, collaborative partnerships, family involvement, evaluation, cultural competence, and sustainability.
End Games: The Challenge of Sustainability report discusses what funders and grantees think about sustainability of their community-based initiatives intended to improve conditions and outcomes for children and families.
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