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Spotlight Archive

Explore the collection of community-based project spotlights shared by our community projects.

Intimate Partner Violence Screening in the Emergency Department and Primary Care Settings
Tara Wedin, MD and Ashlee Murray, MD, FAAP - Philadelphia, PA

Maine Adolescent Council on Transition (ACT Maine)
Jack Rusley, MD - Portland, ME

P.E.T/Healthy Family Program
Caridad Center - Boynton Beach, FL

MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center
Scott Krugman, MD, MS, FAAP - Baltimore, MD

Creating a Legislative Advocacy Curriculum
Lauren Gambill, MD and Tara Greendyk, MD - Dallas, TX

Project u-Talk
Kaitlyn Bailey, MD - San Francisco, CA

CHALK (Choosing Healthy & Active Lifestyles for Kids)
Andrea Hausel, MPH, RD, CDN and Dodi Meyer, MD, FAAP - New York, NY

The University of Miami (UM) Pediatric Mobile Clinic
Lisa Gwynn, DO, MBA, CPE, FAAP - Miami, FL

Free Vaccines for Parents: A Pediatric Resident Advocacy Project
Angela Davis, MD; Jennifer Shepard, MD; Kelly Fegan, MD; and Judy Guzman-Cottrill, DO - Portland, OR

Implementing a Breastfeeding Medicine Center Triage Hotline
Jennifer Shaer, MD, FABM - Riverhead, NY

People Incorporated of Virginia
Linda Midgett - Abingdon, VA

Hasbro Children's Hospital
Patricia Flanagan, MD, FAAP - Providence, RI

A Three-Tiered Approach to Fighting Obesity in an Inner-City Setting
Shruti Mittal, MD - Chicago, IL

P.R.E.P. (Pediatric Residents Educating Parents) Classes
Brandey Ackerman, MD - Lubbock, TX

Medical Services & Advocacy Center
Anne Armstrong-Coben, MD - Paramus, NJ

ReadNPlay for a Bright Future
Karen E. Schetzina, MD, MPH, FAAP and Gayatri Jaishankar, MD, FAAP - Johnson City, TN

Bellevue Hospital Center
Benard Dreyer, MD, FAAP - New York, NY

The Nevada Care Program
Echezona Ezeanolue, MD, MPH, FIDSA, FAAP - Las Vegas, NV

The Seventh Generation Project
Bethany Weinert, MD, FAAP - Red Cliff, WI

Coordinating an Advocacy curriculum within the residency program
Julie Linton, MD, FAAP - Winston-Salem, NC

Healthy Food Cart
Eric Burlingame, MD - Philadelphia, PA

A Shot To Live
Kelly Follett, MD and Ben Wright, MD - Salt Lake City, UT

Empowering Mothers Initiative
Joan Jeung, MD - Oakland, CA

Mobilizing Resources: Community Collaborative Partnership to Boost Immunizations
Kelly Kreisler, MD, MPH, FAAP - Kansas City, KS

An Urban Bicycle Safety Fair
Carly Snipes, MD, Jen Walthall, MD, and Elizabeth Weinstein, MD - Indianapolis, IN

School Based Health Center - Clark Middle School
Jon Lyon, MD, FAAP - Anchorage, AK

Well Care and Adolescent Immunizations in Rochester
Peter Szilagyi, MD, MPH, FAAP - Rochester, NY

Local Health Improvement Plan: Access to Care, Wellness, and Prevention
Jacqueline Dougé, MD, MPH, FAAP - Frederick, MD

Home Safe Home: Pediatric Residents, Culturally Effective Care, and Home Visiting
Mona Patel, MD - Los Angeles, CA

Clinic in the Park: Promoting Health and Wellness at the Orange County Great Park
Phyllis Agran, MD, FAAP - Orange, CA

Community Asthma Initiative
Elizabeth Woods, MD, MPH - Boston, MA

Providing Culturally Effective Care and Mobilizing Communities to Act on Health Issues
Ricky Choi, MD, MPH, FAAP - Oakland, CA

Human Trafficking and Health Care
Kristin Collins, DO & Aimee Grace, MD - Palo Alto, CA

The Children's Clinic Mental Health Partnership
Elisa Nicholas, MD, MSPH, FAAP - Long Beach, CA

Katie's Clinic: A Medical Home for Rett Syndrome
Mary Jones, MD - Berkeley, CA

Button Battery Ingestion Advocacy Project
Karen Maule, MD - Chicago, IL

Coordination of Care and Transition for Youth with Special Healthcare Needs
Madu Mathur, MD, MPH, FAAP - Stamford, CT

Improving the Safety of Children with Special Needs
Nasuh Malas, MD, MPH - Pittsburgh, PA

Pediatric Medical Home Program at UCLA
Thomas Klitzner, MD, PhD, FAAP - Los Angeles, CA

Pediatric Leadership for the Underserved Residency Training Program
Anda Kuo, MD, FAAP - San Francisco, CA

CHIP/Medicaid Outreach and Enrollment Program for Idaho Youth
Mary Lou Kinney - Boise, ID

Reducing Maternal and Infant Mortality in Afghanistan
Capt. Patrick O'Connor, MD, FAAP - Tucson, AZ

"The Little Chef" Cooking School for Low-Income Parents and Young Children
Natalie Muth, MD - Los Angeles, CA

Pediatricians Against Secondhand Smoke
Kevin Nelson, MD, PhD - Salt Lake City, UT

Resident Outreach for Childhood Obesity Prevention
Debra Best, MD, FAAP - Durhman, NC

Mobile Medical and Mental Health Clinics for Underserved Populations in Louisiana
Alina Olteanu, MD, PhD, FAAP - New Orleans, LA



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