Teen Dating Violence: Tips for Parents

This brochure reviews the problem of intimate partner violence among teenagers. The most important concept covered is how parents ought to interact with their teenagers when abuse is suspected. Parents need to communicate several messages.

  • Nothing a child does or does not do is a reason to be abused. The parents' overwhelming concern needs to be with the child's happiness and welfare, not to pick and choose their child's intimate partners.
  • If the child decides to end an abusive or bad relationship, the parents will support the decision.
Reviewing these concepts may elicit past histories of abuse from the patient's parents, because many women have, themselves, been the victims of intimate partner violence.

How to Use This Tool

Parents should be guided to use this experience to be empathetic with their children and supportive of them in helping find and maintain nonabusive, healthy relationships.

Helpful Hint

When giving this brochure to a parent, it may be useful to give the companion brochure, "Expect Respect: Healthy Relationships," to the patient.

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