Parenting Your Infant

This brochure mainly focuses on developmental issues of 4- to 9-month-old infants and can be thought of as part 2 of "Welcome to the World of Parenting!" Three specific child-oriented issues are addressed in more detail: (1) colic, (2) trouble sleeping, and (3) clinging to parents. By this time, most families are developing their own routines, and both parents may be returning to work. The last segment of the brochure touches on these issues.

How to Use This Tool

  • Since the issue of crying continues to be a worry for parents, and the reaction of stressed parents may result in infant abuse, a continued discussion on how to handle crying is recommended. It also may be helpful to go over the following again:
    • Experience of being a parent: "Is this what you expected?"
    • Social support: "Who helps you with the baby?"
    • Mood: "Being a new parent can be exhausting. How are you doing?"
    • Work: "When will you be going back to work?" or "How much time off do you have from work for the new baby?"
  • At the 4-month visit ask, "Do the 2 of you ever get time alone as a couple?" To reinforce this message, some clinicians even write a "prescription" for a night out.
Helpful Hints

Support new parents with a statement like, "Your infant is alert, growing well, and has a beautiful smile!"

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