Playing Is How Todlers Learn

This brochure helps parents understand normal toddler behavior. Its 2 main goals are to help parents do the following:

  • Provide a stimulating environment during this period of explosive brain development.
  • Understand the natural curiosity and exploration of toddlers.
Parents can come away appreciating how their toddlers think and not interpret natural curiosity as purposeful misbehavior.

A recurrent theme in Connected Kids is to encourage parents to take care of themselves and to seek help with raising their children. This topic is addressed in the section "Child's Play Can Be Hard Work for Parents."

How to Use This Tool

  • Discuss how toddlers explore the world through play. Provide parents with guidance on the types of toys, like building blocks and crayons, that encourage play and use the imagination.
  • Help parents, particularly those whose children are not in child care, to identify places where their toddlers can meet other toddlers, and where they can meet other toddlers' parents. The brochure mentions public libraries, though other places may be appropriate in your community.
Helpful Hints

  • This is a good time to check in with parents; ask how they are doing and how their family relationships are. Check that parents have some assistance in caring for their child.
  • Support the toddler's parents with statements like, "What a delightful child you have! He is really curious about the world. This is great to see."

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