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Parents need help understanding the normal development of newborns and the changes that they will undergo as parents. The brochure provides information about the coping skills new parents need. While some parents find great joy and support during this period, others find fatigue, disruption, criticism, and depression. In the extreme, this is a peak period for child abuse and, more commonly, for profound changes in the way parents relate to each other as a couple.

How to Use This Tool

  • Discuss infant crying and how to handle it. Crying is normal behavior, and when babies cry, parents get upset too. Sometimes, parents just need to let the baby cry. The frustration arising from crying babies can lead to infant abuse. Following are the core messages of shaken baby prevention programs. Ask about the following:
    • Experience of being a parent: "Is this what you expected?"
    • Social support: "Who helps you with the baby?"
    • Mood: "Being a new parent can be exhausting. How are you doing?"
    • Work: "When will you be going back to work?" or "How much time off do you have from work for the new baby?"
  • When appropriate, include both parents in the conversation. Fathers, in particular, may feel awkward or left out at this stage.
Helpful Hints

Support new parents with a statement like, "I love the way your baby looks at you, soothes to your voice. You're doing a great job!"

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