Now Available: Infant CPR Anytime

Developed in coordination with the American Heart Association (AHA)

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and using the technology of Laerdal Medical, Infant CPR Anytime contains everything needed for a lay individual to learn infant CPR and relief of choking.

The Infant CPR Anytime Personal Learning Program is a self-directed learning product that allows families, friends, grandparents, siblings, and others caring for infants to learn the core skills of infant CPR and relief of choking in just 22 minutes.

Each Infant CPR Anytime kit contains:

  • A personal, inflatable Mini-Baby™ CPR learning manikin
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  • CPR Skills Practice DVD
  • Fold-out Quick Reference Guides (2 sizes)
  • Sanitizing wipes and a replacement lung for the Mini-Baby manikin
  • Other program accessories

Using this kit, skills can be learned anywhere, from the comfort of home to a large community group setting. And, at less than $35, Infant CPR Anytime kit is a cost-effective way to prepare an entire family to save the life of an infant.

Infant CPR Anytime is a great tool for hospitals to utilize in their community health and outreach programs as well as for health care providers to recommend to new parents.

Infant CPR Anytime incorporates the American Heart Association’s research-proven "practice-while-watching" technique for learning the skills of CPR and it is based on the most current resuscitation science from the 2005 American Heart Association Guidelines for CPR and ECC.

The kit is available in light and dark skin tones to appeal to culturally diverse audiences.

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