National Poison Prevention Week

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the American Association of Poison Control Centers, and the Poison Prevention Week Council reported on the performance of the new national toll-free telephone number for poison control centers. The new number, (800) 222-1222, launched on January 30, 2002, for the first time provides everyone in the U.S. with free access — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — to their regional poison center. In just the first full month of operation, the toll-free number received 44,000 calls about potential poisonings. [Read Press Release]

The Academy is a member of the Poison Prevention Week Council, a coalition of national organizations working to stop unintentional poisonings by distributing information and encouraging local poison control centers, pharmacies, public health departments, and others to conduct poison prevention in their communities to help prevent poisonings. National Poison Prevention Week (NPPW) was established in 1961 by the U.S. Congress' passage of Public Law 87-319 authorizing the President to designate annually the third week in March as National Poison Prevention Week.

The theme of the National Poison Prevention Week is "Children Act Fast...So Do Poisons!" The Academy and the other members of the Poison Prevention Week Council urge parents to store harmful products out of their children's reach at all times, and to be aware of young children's growing capacities to explore and experiment. Such natural curiosity can lead to poisonings when chemicals or medications are within reach, and parents are not paying close attention.

Use this week as an opportunity to take a minute to make sure that children in your home are as safe as possible from poisonings. For some tips on preventing poisoning in your home, see the TIPP� slip, "Protect your Child...Prevent Poisoning."

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