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Putting the Immunization Picture into Focus

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All parents want their children to be healthy, but we all know kids don't come with manuals. If they did, answering questions about immunizations and vaccines would be easy. Find the answers to your questions on this Web site – all supported by scientific research.

There is much conflicting information in the news and on the Web about children's immunizations. When you have a question about immunizations or vaccines, check here first. The AAP will provide you with the tools you need to make the best decision for your child's health.

The AAP Immunization Web site was assessed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and passed their credibility and good information criteria. It is included in the WHO's list of vaccine safety websites. (Exit site)

Making the Decision

Visit this page to get answers to your questions about the safety of vaccines, the history of diseases, how to know when to trust the information you read on the Web, and more.

Preparing for the Visit

Visit this page to find coloring books and videos to help prepare your children for a visit to the pediatrician, information on how to find lost immunization records, and how to comfort your child.

Visiting the Pediatrician

Visit this page to find information on when a child should not be immunized, your options for paying for vaccines, and a guide to Vaccine Information Statements.

After the Immunizations

Visit this page to learn how to comfort your child after immunizations and learn what a reaction may look like.


Visit the cocooning page to learn how to protect your members of your family too young to be vaccinated.

Adolescent Immunizations

Visit this page to learn more about vaccines that your adolescent needs.

International Travel

Visit this page to learn about the requirements for people traveling abroad or for those entering the US.

Additional Resources

Visit this page to view more immunization resources for families.

Family Story

Family Story Image

A Brush with Meningitis

Hear how one mom learned how quickly bacteria can invade a healthy child's body.



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