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The following information answers parents' frequently asked questions and addresses common misconceptions about vaccines. For videos responding to other frequently asked questions, please visit the Vaccinate Your Baby Web site. (Exit Site)


Are you searching for an AAP policy on a specific vaccine? If so, please visit the AAP Policy site.


The AAP Immunization Web site was assessed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and passed their "credibility and content good information practices criteria." It is included in the WHO's list of vaccine safety websites. (Exit site)



What are the Ingredients in Vaccines? (PDF 93KB)


Why is the Schedule Like That? (PDF 83KB)


What Parents Should Know About Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) Vaccine and Autism

What Studies Have Been Done on Vaccines and Autism?
(PDF 98KB)


FAQ: Paying for Vaccines (PDF 174KB)

  • My insurance plan does not cover immunizations. How can I guarantee my child receives the recommended vaccines?

  • How can I convince my insurance plan to cover vaccinations?

  • I am currently without insurance, but I realize the importance of vaccines. How can I make sure my child is vaccinated?


FAQ: Immunization Information on the Internet (PDF 391KB)

  • With so many internet sites on childhood immunization or vaccines, how do I know which one is reliable?

  • As a mother-to-be, I would like to read more about immunizing my baby but don't know where to start. Where can I find books on this topic?


FAQ: Allergies and Breastfeeding (PDF 31KB)

  • If my child has severe allergies, should he still be vaccinated?

  • Does my baby still need immunizations if I am breastfeeding?


FAQ: Chickenpox (PDF 42KB)

  • Chickenpox is not a fatal disease, so that vaccine is not necessary.

  • I got chickenpox and was fine, why does my child need the varicella vaccine?

  • Will taking my child to a chickenpox party give her better immunity than the vaccine?


FAQ: Comforting Baby During Immunizations (PDF 44KB)

  • How can I comfort my baby during immunizations?


FAQ: I Thought Diseases Aren't Around Anymore (PDF 32KB)

  • Weren't diseases were disappearing even before vaccines were developed?

  • These diseases have been virtually eliminated from the United States, so my child doesn't need to be vaccinated, right?


FAQ: Lost Records and Extra Doses (PDF 41KB)

  • I cannot find my child's immunization record. What should I do?

  • Is it ok to receive an extra dose of vaccine?


FAQ: Who Should Not be Immunized (PDF 42KB)

  • I've heard that it is unsafe to immunize a child who has a cold and fever. Is this true?

  • I've heard that some children have serious side effects from vaccines, so they must not be very safe.


FAQ: Vaccine Safety (PDF 45KB)

  • I'm worried about my baby's shots- are vaccines safe?

  • Does the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine cause autism?

  • I've read that the DTaP vaccine can cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Is that true?

  • Why do we give our children so many shots? Is it safe to give multiple vaccines in one visit?

  • What is thimerosal? Is it safe?

  • I saw on the news that there are 'hot lots' of vaccines that are more dangerous than others.


For more information on misconceptions about vaccines:

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