CDC's "Keeping the Promise" Campaign is happy to bring to you its newest resource "Hablando de Vacunas (Talking about Vaccines)," a six-episode radionovela, which promotes the importance of immunizations to parents. Each episode (4 minutes long) is a drama series designed to engage and entertain Spanish-speaking parents using drama and humor, while educating them on infant immunization.


"Hablando de Vacunas" is a series that follows a Hispanic Spanish-speaking family in the United States as they are confronted with issues that arise while navigating the process of immunizing Carlitos, the newest member of the family.




    Episode 1: The Arrival
    In this episode you will meet Pedro and Carmen Pérez, an older couple who live in the Unites States; and Lupe, Carmen's niece, her husband José, and their eight month old baby Carlitos. You will see how Carmen and her niece, Lupe, worry about Carlitos' cough. Could it be whooping cough?

    Episode 2: The Cough
    In this episode, Carmen's niece, Lupe, takes Carlitos to doctor Rodríguez to make sure his cough isn't whooping cough. Dr. Rodriguez reminds Lupe to keep Carlitos' immunizations up-to-date and to hold on to his immunization card.

    Episode 3: Carlitos Gets His Shots
    In this episode, Lupe is job hunting. She also worries about making it to Carlitos' immunization appointment on time (Dr. Rodríguez). Dr. Rodríguez talks to Lupe about which vaccines will be due next for Carlitos.

    Episode 4: Lupe and Rocío in the Park
    Lupe goes to the park and meets Rocío and her twelve-month-old daughter Anita who is behind on her immunizations. You will learn more about the immunization schedule.

    Episode 5: The Barbeque
    The Pérez family has a barbecue to celebrate an important milestone in Lupe's life: getting her Basic English diploma. You will also learn about a recent chickenpox outbreak and about the seriousness of this disease.

    Episode 6: Jose Comes Home
    Rocío and Lupe talk to Señora Margó, a trusted retired nurse about a common immunization misconception. The Peréz family also welcomes José who joins Lupe and Carlitos after working in the harvest for several months.


For more information about the Spanish-language National Infant Immunization Campaign, the radionovela "Hablando de Vacunas," and other campaign resources such as radio PSA, print ads, flyers, and posters please visit the CDC Web site or call toll free 800/CDC-INFO (800/232-4636).


Last updated: 12/1/2009


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