Vaccine Purchasing Groups


Group Purchasing Organizations

Group purchasing organizations (GPOs) are able to combine orders from practices, hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities in order to receive volume discounts from specific vendors. AAP members report significant savings on vaccines when purchased through GPOs.

GPOs tend to be operated by hospital-affiliated purchasing programs, and often include supplies in addition to vaccines.  GPO pricing is typically not as favorable as with Physician Buying Groups (PBGs), but there is usually no requirement to use products of a specific manufacturer; in fact, GPOs often offer vaccines from all three manufacturers.  The GPO option may not be available to all practices in all markets.


Physician Buying Groups

PBGs offer physicians the option of obtaining the most favorable pricing in return for only using the vaccines produced by contracted manufacturers.   Since GSK is competitive with both Sanofi and Merck, you will not typically find a PBG that offers preferred terms with all three manufacturers.  In most cases PBGs offer “up-front” discounts based on their respective contract terms with the manufacturers.  GSK will also provide quarterly rebates to practices based on mix and volume, in addition to their discount. The PBG typically requires the practice to first use the contracted vaccines, and most programs will remove a practice from the program if it does not comply with these terms, due to the potential for decreasing the discount to other members.

The practice is able to benefit from other manufacturer-based features, such as prompt pay discounts, on-line order discounts, and periodic manufacturer promotions.


Questions to Ask

When considering joining a GPO or PBG, use the questions below to assess which program is right for you.

  • Which manufacturer(s) are included in the program? Under what circumstances can I purchase outside the plan? What are the purchasing compliance requirements?
  • Based on this contract, how will my usual vaccine regimen be affected? Would I need to start administering different vaccines? How will this affect office education or nurses' time?
  • If I have to change the type of vaccine I order, is the change worth it? Is there another option with similar pricing that would allow me to order what I currently use?
    • Is there a cost to participate? What is the length of my contract commitment? Does this plan provide rebates to its participants?
  • Is pricing tied to volume? Do all participants have the same terms?
  • Does placing large- or small-volume orders allow me to receive the optimal discount?
  • How do your discounts compare with my current pricing?
  • Can I take advantage of additional manufacturer discounts through this program?
  • How frequently am I allowed to order? What is the process to order vaccines? Is a code needed to order online? Is there an administrator to call?
  • Can the practice order whenever it wants? Is there a limit to how many orders can be placed in a given time? What is the process for ordering (eg, phone, online)?
  • Can I reduce my practice’s time and resources spent on ordering vaccines so that maximum discounts are still achieved? Does the program eliminate the need to order strategically to achieve best pricing?
  • What customer-service resources are in place to answer our questions and provide supply assistance? How long has the plan been in business and how many doctors does it work with?
    (You can also ask your manufacturer representatives for their views of the program.)
  • Are there geographic limitations to participation?
  • What value-added services (eg, payment support, office supplies) does the plan provide?

List of Purchasing Groups

The AAP has collected a list of GPOs and PBGs with whom member pediatricians report working. The inclusion of any groups on this list does not constitute Academy endorsement of the purchasing group, nor does it imply Academy involvement with the purchasing group.

GPO Name Items included in GPO Membership/Fee Requirements Contact Information
AAP Affinity Program - Child Health Advantage Vaccines, clinical supplies, pharmacueticals and business services None Membership Coordinator
Atlantic Health Partners


Office Supplies

Medical Supplies

Patient Recall Program

Discounts for Vaccine Refrigerator/ Freezers

None Jeff Winokur
CASA Physicians Alliance

Vaccines, Medical and Surgical Supplies, Office Supplies, and  Rebate Program

NO Fees, Physicians and Physicians Groups in the United States may participate

Andi Dixon or Shari Smith 


CCPA Purchasing Partners, L.P Vaccines
Office Supplies
Medical Supplies
Physician licensed in Illinois, Indiana, or Wisconsin Nancy Mosko

Children's National Health Network (CNHN)

Office Supplies
Medical Supplies

No fees. Must be a member of CNHN to access contracts, programs, & services. Donnita Pickett
Children's Practicing Pediatricians, Inc Vaccines. Office Supplies, Medical/Surgical Supplies No fees

Children's Practicing Pediatricians, Inc.

Cumberland Pediatric Foundation

Medical Supplies

No fees
May be required to maintain certain benchmarks
Practices must give 30 day notice to opt out of  agreement

Ann Manning

Fair Advantage Consortium

Medical Supplies

  Robin Riggs

Integrated Physician Solutions (IPS)


Office Supplies

Medical Supplies

Malpractice Insurance

No fees

Lynne Sherman





Main Street Vaccines


Medical Supplies

Surgical Supplies

Vaccine Refrigerators

No fees

Allen Menkin, MD, MS, FAAP President
Kate Beggerow, Administrator


Medical Practice Purchasing Group (MPPG)

Office Supplies
Medical Supplies


more Contracts

No fees


Loyalty payments for members in good standing

Brian K. Greenberg, MD, FAAP


Leslie Fuchs

National Physician Care

Medical Supplies
Office Administrative Services
Internet and Phone Service

Private practice physicians and clinics. No fees for private practice physicians.

Richard Miles

National Discount Vaccine Alliance

Office Supplies
Medical Supplies

No fees

Dr. Kathleen Cain
Dr. Richard Lander

Northampton Area Pediatrics

Office Supplies
Medical Supplies

AAP membership

Cindy Mayo

Pediatric Alliance Vaccines Medical Supplies

No membership



Ted Abernathy, MD, FAAP,

Pediatric Federation LLC

Office Supplies
Medical Supplies

No fees

Kathy Chebib
855-733-4233 x81

Peds Pal

Office Supplies
Medical Supplies


Physicians' Alliance of America, Inc.


Vaccines Rebate Program
Office Supplies
Medical Supplies

Practices in the United States are eligible
No fees
Members may choose which of 80+ agreements they want to access

Bob Chalmers

Primary Care Alliance

Medical Supplies
Any physician or physician group in the United States may participate. No fee

Amy Dahl

River Valley Pediatricians, Inc. (RVPI)


Office Supplies
Medical Supplies

Annual fee
Must be community-based physician in the metropolitan area of Cincinnati, OH

Ed Freeman

Southern California Children's Health Network


No fees

Robert Kaplan

Angela Deanda




Last Updated: 9/3/2014

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