Influenza Guidance

Influenza Guidance

The 2014-2015 influenza vaccines include those that are trivalent (protects against 3 strains) and quadrivalent (protects against 4 strains). Both types of vaccine remain unchanged since last season. Because immunity drops up to 50% 6-12 months after vaccination, influenza vaccine is recommended every year for all those over 6 months of age.






Recommendations and Implementation




Promote Influenza Vaccination to Families


Showing that all your office staff is immunized for influenza lets your patients know how important immunization is to you and that they can feel confident bringing their children to your office.  It should encourage them to immunize their kids, too.


The AAP Section on Administration and Practice Management (SOAPM) in partnership with the Childhood Immunization Support Program developed a customizable template for the ‘Earn Your Stripe’ poster to promote immunization against influenza. Make your own ‘Earn Your Stripe’ poster featuring your staff and post in patient areas. It is easy to do, just following these 5 simple steps:


Step 1: Take a digital picture of your office staff striking the ‘Earn Your Stripe’ pose.
Step 2: Open the Staff Immunization Poster Template document (you will need Microsoft Publisher to open it).
Step 3: Copy and paste your digital picture into the Template. Resize or Crop your picture to best fit the poster (ideal size is 3500 x 2700 pixels). Reformat the wording in the text box if necessary.
Step 4: Save the document as a PDF.
Step 5: Print the poster in the size of your choice & hang in your patient area!


View an example featuring the SOAPM Executive Committee (PDF 486KB)


If you are unable to get a picture of your staff you can post the original poster (PDF 400KB).



Resources for Peditricians


For Healthcare Workers and Employees


For Families

The following resources are available for parents (Exit Site) :

Other Organizations



Pandemic Flu


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