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Practice ManagementWith an increasingly complex schedule and higher prices of vaccines, the AAP is committed to supporting its members' office needs as they immunize children. In addition to the topic areas listed below, consider visiting the AAP Practice Support page, free to AAP members, and the Private Payer Advocacy site (requires log-in) for more information on practice management topics.





Practice Management Topics

Click the links below for resources and tools to help maximize office efficiency when immunizing.



Practice Management Resources

Immunization Training Guide

The immunization training guide is designed to assist pediatric office staff in all aspects of immunizing a practice’s patients. Use this guide to educate and properly train physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, medical assistants, office managers, and other office staff.


Practice Support page

The AAP Practice Support page is  a centralized pediatric practice management page that offers resources to pediatricians and practice managers to support them in running a practice that is fiscally sound and efficient, and providing quality health care to children and families. For many pediatric practices, immunization administration has a significant impact on patient management, finance and payment, quality improvement, and office operations - all areas addressed by content on the Practice Support page.

Immunization in a Medical Home Training Tool and Resources (PPT 2,866KB)
Link to training tool (power point presentation) that discusses patient education, professional resources, and practice tools on immunization in the context of a medical home.

AAP Vaccine Administration Record
Designed to keep track of all pertinent data, this heavyweight 8-1/2" x 11" card also provides space for parent or legal guardian approvals. The record can be purchased from the AAP Bookstore.

Your Child's Health Record from Birth to Age 21
Your Child's Health Record offers parents a clear, concise method for tracking and recording their child's pertinent health information from infancy to childhood. It includes easy-to-follow forms and records for birth data, physical examinations, landmarks, immunizations, illnesses, and dental visits. Growth charts provide reference information addressing specific data for various ages.

Short Medical Record
The Short Medical Record tracks a patient's health and medical history. It covers information on birth data, growth, development, examinations, immunizations, and illnesses. Its foldable, passport-sized design slides into a durable 3" x 5" plastic jacket for safekeeping and easy transport.

Refusal to Vaccinate Form (PDF 92KB)
As a growing number of parents refuse to allow their children to be vaccinated, having them sign this form reduces physician liability while also reinforcing the negative consequences that may arise from this decision. Microsoft Word version (DOC 248KB)

Telephone Lines: Educational Information for Triage Nurses (PDF 193KB)
Developed by the Section on Telehealth Care (SOTC), this edition focuses on how to respond to "Immunization-After the Shot" telephone inquiries from parents and care givers. For information about the SOTC, including how to join, click here.

Immunization Registries (PDF 113KB)


Reminder-Recall Systems (PDF 59KB)


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