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The AAP launched the Child Health Informatics Center (CHIC) at the 2009 National Conference and Exhibition (NCE) to support and prepare pediatricians for the many changes that will be occurring over the next few years in regard to Health Information Technology (HIT). Christoph U. Lehmann, MD, FAAP is the founding Medical Director of the AAP CHIC. The center is governed by a seven-person Project Advisory Committee comprised general pediatricians with expertise in medical informatics, epidemiology, research, and quality improvement in both the rural and urban settings, who practice in both the private and hospital settings.

CHIC Medical Director: Christoph U Lehmann MD FAAP

Dr. Lehmann is a neonatologist and is Director of Clinical Information Technology and Associate Professor of Pediatrics & Health Sciences Informatics at Johns Hopkins University. He has served as education chair for COCIT, and Secretary for American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) committees, and is one of the editors of the textbook Pediatric Informatics and a founder of Dermatlas. He is the Editor in Chief of Applied Clinical Informatics. Dr. Lehmann's interests and research have focused on issues related to computer assisted medical education as well as improving safety through medical informatics applications that reduce provider error.

CHIC Staff

Vanessa Shorte, MPH
Manager, Health Information Technology Implementation

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