COCIT Subcommittees

The primary areas of focus for COCIT are centered on member education, tool and resource development, and policy development. Subcommittees for these focus areas have been created and include:

Membership, Outreach, and Engagement Committee
Works to define the mission of COCIT and examine the benefits and opportunities of council membership.

Communications Committee
Works to plan and implement COCIT’s online and social media presence and to advance and broadcast the Council’s mission, benefits, and resources. Also focused on developing HIT-related articles for publication in AAP News, AAP OnCall, and Smart Brief, as well as developing the COCIT e-newsletter.

Education Committee
Focused on developing the educational programs for the AAP National Conference & Exhibition (NCE), AAP CME events, and on developing tools and resources for AAP members.

Policy Committee
Provides the Board of Directors of the AAP support in their response to HIT policy and relevant government agencies and initiatives.

Rapid-Response Team
Responsible for providing feedback on public documents to AAP committees, sections, and councils, as well as to external organizations and government agencies, with short lead time.


If you are interested in getting more involved in any of the COCIT subcommittees or would like additional information on current activities, please contact Lisa Krams at