COCIT Subcommittees

COCIT is committed to responding to the needs of it members, and providing opportunities for members to meaningfully engage in the work of the Council. Much of the work of COCIT happens through a robust Subcommittee structure. Particpating in a COCIT Subcommittee is a great way for members to enhance leadership skills and make a positive contribution to COCIT!


Communications Subcommittee
Works to plan and implement COCIT’s communication strategy with COCIT members and the AAP general member, as well as to advance and broadcast the Council's mission, benefits, and resources. Also focuses on developing HIT-related articles for publication in AAP News, AAP OnCall, and Smart Brief, as well as development the COCIT e-newsletter (COCIT Digest).


Education Subcommittee
Focuses on developing the Council's educational programs for the AAP National Conference and Exhibition, AAP CME events, and developing tools and resources for AAP members.


Membership, Outreach, and Engagement Subcommittee
Works to define the mission of COCIT and examine the benefits and opportunities of Council membership. Coordinates the new member drive at the AAP National Conference and Exhibition. Promotes HIT to AAP Chapters, Districts, and other National member groups.


Nominations Subcommittee
Selects candidates to run for open seats on the COCIT Executive Committee.


Policy Subcommittee
Identifies gaps in the AAP's policy positions related to pediatric HIT, and supports COCIT members in authoring these documents. An important forum for COCIT members to discuss and develop policies that promote HIT solutions as child-friendly, affordable, cost-effective, and supportive of quality care.

Additionally, the Policy Subcommittee is the home of the COCIT Rapid Response Team, which provides guidance to the AAP in responding to federal HIT legislation and regulation.


For details about how to get involved with a COCIT Subcommittee, please check our Opportunities List!

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