Council on Clinical Information Technology (COCIT)

About Us

The Council on Clinical Information Technology (COCIT) was established within the American Academy of Pediatrics in 2002 by a merger of the Section on Computers & Other Technologies and the Task Force on Medical Informatics. Today, COCIT is made up of over 400 members with special interest or training in applying HIT to pediatrics.

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COCIT was instrumental in the development of the Academy’s Child Health Informatics Center (CHIC) and its goal to support the development of health information technology (HIT) and pediatricians’ use of electronic health records (EHRs). As the CHIC moves forward, COCIT will remain tightly connected and will continue to advise, as well as to serve as the first layer of resources for work done under the Center.

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Byron Oberst Award

The Byron Oberst Award recognizes pediatricians who have made significant contributions to the use of clinical information technology in pediatrics.

This award is presented to a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics (FAAP) who has made a significant contribution to the field in one or more of the following areas:

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COCIT Mission, Vision, and Goals

COCIT Mission
The mission of COCIT is to provide strategic direction and leadership to promote affordable, child-friendly health information technology (HIT) and health information exchange (HIE) solutions that support quality care; and to drive the creation and successful deployment of systems which have these characteristics.

COCIT Vision
Every infant, child and adolescent would be cared for in every venue with the necessary health information technology that is both cost effective and improves the quality of health care, regardless of socio-economic status.


  1. Support the usage of pediatric HIT and HIE in actual practice, including the Medical Home, with a particular focus on addressing the Child Health Priorities identified in the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Strategic Plan.
  2. Ensure HIT solutions are child-friendly, affordable, and cost-effective, and support quality care, including the Medical Home.
  3. Increase the visibility and effectiveness of the efforts of COCIT and the AAP in providing HIT and HIE direction and leadership.
  4. Provide high value for COCIT members.


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COCIT Leadership

COCIT is led by an 11-member Executive Committee. All Executive Committee members are elected by the membership of the council. The Chair is chosen by the Executive Committee from among its members. The AAP Board of Directors does not need to review individual nominees.

Executive Committee members include: