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Telehealth care is an increasing component of pediatric practice. Under pressure to limit office and emergency department utilization and with increasing expectations for access by working parents, pediatricians are finding themselves dispensing more and more advice over the telephone or via e-mail, both during and after office hours. Practice surveys have reported that non-face-to-face telephone care accounts for at least 20% of all general care in a pediatric practice and as much as 80% of after-hours pediatric care. Faced with the task of meeting the expectations of parents and health plans, pediatricians find themselves compelled to manage complex medical problems over the telephone, dedicate practice resources, and expose themselves to liability risk with little assurances that these efforts will be compensated until now.

Given the multitude of pressures that pediatricians and the health care system at large face, pediatricians are looking for advice on how to provide high quality, safe, and efficient care via the telehealth modalities.

The Section on Telehealth Care (SOTC) is the AAP home for information on the delivery of pediatric care via e-mail, video conferencing, telephone care, telemedicine and other non-face-to-face technologies. Visit the SOTC's Website to learn more about the Section.



The mission of the SOTC is to improve the provision of in-person and remote care through the use of telehealth technology in a medical home. To accomplish this mission, SOTC will develop guidance and education on telehealth care and advocate for those who provide it.


Telehealth care is integrated into the menu of services provided through the medical home and is valued by pediatricians, patients and families, and payers and paid at an appropriate rate.

Pediatricians are compensated appropriately based on the services they provide. These services may be provided in-person or remotely using appropriate telehealth technology, depending on the needs of the patient, without affecting payment.



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