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Exhibitor OpportunitiesInterested in exhibiting your technology solutions in "the place for all things tech"?
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TIP Stop

How do you put the Technology in Pediatrics?

  • Share your personal experiences with technology in the healthcare setting by recording a short, informal video.
  • This is a great way to promote how you personally use technology in your setting and hear how others are using technology, too!

Here are some ideas:

  • Let others in on a tech trick you’ve discovered
  • Discuss a solution, low or high tech, that makes you smile
  • Describe your favorite app(s) and how they help you
  • Share a workflow change that improved your practice
  • Describe a tech solution you used to solve a problem
  • Discuss a tech company who gave you great support
  • Share ways to avoid tech pitfalls you’ve encountered
  • Talk about social media that’s helped you or your patients