Global Immunizations

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Speaker's Corner

You will find documents here that may help you in making presentations locally or nationally, or even during grand rounds. Please contact us if there is something you need that is not on here.

Global Immunization Resource Library

This slide deck is designed for pediatricians who are giving presentations on global immunizations. The set was created to allow individuals to choose the content they need. It includes an overview of the global immunization agenda, basic disease information, the role of pediatricians in global immunization advocacy, and examples of visuals to share. It will be updated periodically with new content. We welcome you to download the presentation for educational use. Please cite the American Academy of Pediatrics in your presentation. Individual references for text and images are provided in the notes section.

Global Immunizations Briefing || Talking Points

Global Immunizations: A Crucial Tool for Child Survival

This slide deck was used by our panel of experts during their discussion at a recent Congressional Briefing in Washington, DC. You will find photos that may be useful in presentations about vaccine preventable diseases, along with charts that provide a closer look at global immunization data. In the secondary document, you will find the talking points which were given by Dr. Thomas McInerny (AAP President Elect) to introduce the session.

Pediatric Grand Rounds

Supporting Global Imm unization - a Humanitarian Interest and a Self Interest

This slide deck will give you basic information on disease eradication, the global burden of vaccine preventable diseases, global immunization structure, and what pediatricians can do. This slide set was put together by Dr. Walter Orenstein.