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 Scofield Steve Scofield, MD FAAP

AAP Section on Med/Peds
Executive Committee Member

My path to medicine has not been a traditional one. I originally studied in the field of psychology and special education and was working as a teacher and coordinating a program for infants/preschool children with special learning needs. At the ?advanced? age of 32 I decided to pursue the field of medicine and planned to become a developmental pediatrician. During my medical school years I discovered that my primary care interests were strong and became fascinated with the idea of a Medicine/Pediatrics residency.

I believe strongly in the work and goals of the AAP and have known several of the members of the Med/Peds section who I respect immensely. When I was fortunate enough to be selected as a nominee and ultimately elected I was very excited as I had not been particularly active in the AAP and this new role afforded me an opportunity to contribute in a more substantial way to the work of the AAP and the Med/Peds section.

My medical school training was at SUNY Stony Brook and I completed a residency in combined Internal Medicine/Pediatrics at the University of Rochester in 1995. At the time I completed residency I had the wonderful opportunity to stay on as faculty at the university and I had the good fortune of starting the first combined Medicine/Pediatrics continuity practice. The practice has flourished as the residency program has grown and we have attracted 6 more faculty members. We have also benefited from the involvement of ?private? practitioners who have a tremendous commitment to teaching and have been able to find the time necessary to join us in our commitment to resident, medical student and lifelong learning.

I am married and have one beautiful daughter. My family has taught me the balance necessary to be a successful doctor and person and continues to provide me the support necessary in this demanding profession. In my spare time I love to spend time with my family traveling and I enjoy music and golf.

Besides my commitment to medical education I am dedicated to my patients and providing the best care I can. I am also the site medical director for our office in the university's primary care network, member/chair of the finance committee, and member of one of the local insurer's quality committee.

I feel privileged to be a physician and still sit in awe that the trust that patients put in me. I also feel extremely privileged to have been elected to the Med/Peds section and look forward to contributing to that committee's and the AAP's goals.


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