Native American Child Health

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Indian Health Special Interest Group

You can become involved in the American Academy of Pediatrics' (AAP) Native American child health efforts through the Indian Health Special Interest Group (IH-SIG). Join with other interested AAP members advocating for the health of American Indian and Alaska Native children. The IH-SIG provides a forum for pediatricians and other health professionals serving American Indian/Alaska Native children to share successes and strategies, and sponsor educational programs that highlight aspects of providing care to American Indian/Alaska Native children. The IH-SIG also supports the work of the Committee on Native American Child Health (CONACH) by disseminating information, and link members to address problems specific to local or regional care of American Indian/Alaska Native children.

Other benefits include:

· Opportunities to dialogue through e-mail lists and at meetings.
· Bi-monthly facilitated discussions on topics of interest.
· Informational e-mail updates on current news, relevant funding opportunities, and new resources.

For additional information about the IH-SIG, please email