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The International Meeting on Inuit and Native American Child Health and the 17th Annual IHS Research Conference took place on April 29 - May 1, 2005 in Seattle, WA. Over 380 professionals from Canada and the US (including physicians, researchers, nurses, pharmacists, and others) attended this first-ever conference! Health care delivery models, research, and other topics related to the provision of care to First Nations, Inuit, American Indian, and Alaska Native children were presented in poster sessions, oral abstract presentations, and educational plenaries and workshops.

General Conference Information
Conference Agenda/Final Program
Poster Presentations
Oral Abstract Presentations

Educational Sessions
Overview of First Nations and Inuit Child Health
Brian Postl
, MD

Overview of American Indian/Alaska Native Child Health
CAPT. Kelly R. Moore, MD (handout)

Asthma and Oral Health Mini-Plenary

Andrew Macnab, MD (handout)

Diabetes and Obesity Mini-Plenary
Heather Dean, MD (handout)
Scott Gee, MD (handout)

Comparison Between Canadian and US Health Care Delivery Models
Brian Postl, MD
CAPT. Kelly R. Moore, MD

National Children's Study Box Lunch Session
Alan Fleischman, MD (session summary)

Asthma-Chronic Care Model Workshop
Jim Stout, MD, MPH

Oral Health Workshop
Andrew Macnab, MD, Moderator
CAPT. Steve Holve, MD
Wendy Mouradian, MD, MPH
Woody Crow, DDS, MPH

Diabetes Workshop
Heather Dean, MD (handout)

Overweight Children - The Role of Health Care in Prevention and Treatment Workshop
Scott Gee, MD (handout 1) (handout 2)

Traditional Health Panel Presentation
Don Warne, MD, Moderator
Marlyn Cook, MD, RN (handout)
Walter Hollow, MD
Jennie R. Joe, PhD

James Lamouche

Access to Care: Urban Health and Telemedicine Mini-Plenary
Ralph Forquera
Michael Moffat, MD
Mark Carroll, MD (handout)
J. Leigh Wincott, MD

Infectious Diseases: Immunizations, RSV, and Pneumococcal Disease Mini-Plenary
Rosalyn Singleton, MD(handout)
Joanne Embree, MD (handout)
Gregory J. Redding, MD (handout)
Katherine O'Brien, MD (handout)

Urban Health: Comparisons Between US and Canadian Models Workshop
Ralph Forquera
Michael Moffat, MD (handout)

Telemedicine: Common Issues Between Two Programs Workshop
Mark Carroll, MD(handout)
J. Leigh Wincott, MD

RSV Workshop
Gregory J. Redding, MD (handout)

Immunizations Workshop
Rosalyn Singleton, MD (handout)
Joanne Embree, MD (handout)

Pneumococcal Disease Workshop
Katherine O'Brien, MD

Continuity of Care and Retention Box Lunch Session (session summary)
Jim Lewis, MD

Bruce Martin, MD

Unintentional Injury and Motor Vehicle Injury Mini-Plenary
David C. Grossman, MD, MPH (handout)
Helen Andon, EdM
Michael Moffat, MD (handout)
L.J. David Wallace, MSEH

Violence and Trauma in Indian Country Mini-Plenary
Dolores Subia Bigfoot, PhD (handout)

Acting on What We Know: Preventing First Nations Youth Suicide Mini-Plenary
Cornelia Wieman, MD

Drowning, Fire, and Fall Injury Workshop
David C. Grossman, MD, MPH
Helen Andon, EdM

Motor Vehicle Injury Among Inuit and Native American Children and Youth Workshop
Michael Moffat, MD
L.J. David Wallace, MSEH

Preventing Suicide in Our Communities: Clinical and Research Perspectives Workshop
Cornelia Wieman, MD

Family Violence Workshop
Dolores Subia Bigfoot, PhD (handout)

Adolescent Health and Reproductive Health Overview Mini-Plenary
Frank Armao, MD(handout)
Joanne Embree, MD (handout)

Substance Abuse and Depression Mini-Plenary
G. Alan Marlatt, PhD (handout)
Douglas K. Novins, MD (handout)

Reproductive Health/Sexually Transmitted Infections Workshop
Joanne Embree, MD (handout)

Substance Abuse Workshop
G. Alan Marlatt, PhD

Depression and Other Mental Health Disorders Workshop
Douglas K. Novins, MD

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