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2006 Native American Child Health
Advocacy Award Winner

2006 Award Recipient, William F. Green, MD (left) and AAP Committee on Native American Child Health Chairperson, George Brenneman, MD (right).

The 2006 Native American Child Health Advocacy Award was presented to William F. Green, MD on October 8, 2006 in Atlanta, GA. Dr Green was nominated by Dr Kelly Moore, Clinical Consultant of the IHS Division of Diabetes Treatment and Prevention. Dr Moore stated, "Dr Green has displayed exceptional leadership on behalf of Native American children through his distinguished service as Chief Clinical Consultant in Pediatrics for the IHS from 1996 to 2002. Also board-certified in family practice, Dr Green remains widely recognized by his peers as one of the nation's leading experts and advocates for Native American child health. . .Dr Green has a universal reputation as an extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, thorough and conscientious physician. He is beloved by countless Indian children and families, having cared for thousands of Native American children as individuals in the same way that he advocated for them as a group. . .Dr Green helped a generation of IHS pediatricians to better serve their patients, a legacy that will be a model for IHS pediatricians and Chief Clinical Consultatns for years to come."

Dr Green attended Harvard College, and the USC School of Medicine. In 1975, he joined Indian Health Service in Zuni, New Mexico. After completing pediatric residency at the University of New Mexico, he rejoined the IHS and spent 22 years at Albuquerque Indian Hospital. During this time he collaborated on a CATCH and Healthy Tomorrows Grants, served as a consultant to the AAP Committee on Native American Child Health, and served as chairperson of the Indian Health Special Interest Group of the Section on Community Pediatrics. Despite retiring in 2003, Dr Green continues to see patients at two Pueblo Indian clinics and teach residents at the University of New Mexico.


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