Native American Child Health

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Permanent and Locum Tenens Opportunities
for Serving Native American Children

The Committee on Native American Child Health strives to inform pediatricians of permanent and locum tenens, or short term, opportunities available within Native American communities. The CONACH learns of these opportunities through its relationship with the Indian Health Service and health care professionals serving in Native American communities.

Filling a permanent or locum tenens position within a Native American community can be an extremely rewarding experience. As a pediatrician in this setting, you will have the opportunity to see a wide variety of cases that encompass the entire scope of pediatrics. Please note that in some communities, you may also be expected to provide obstetrics, gynecology, and internal medicine services.

The personal and professional growth opportunities in Native American communities are significant. Additionally, many of these communities are located in beautiful parts of the United States, where you will be able to enjoy the great outdoors.

Position Seekers
If you are a pediatrician interested in a permanent or locum tenens position within a Native American community, please visit the AAP Ped Jobs site. You may also e-mail or call 800/433-9016 extension 4722 for additional information.

The Indian Health Service Jobs Vacancy Database is an excellent resource for career opportunities in American Indian and Alaska Native communities.

Current Opportunities
If you are affiliated with the Indian Health Service or another tribal health facility and have a pediatric opportunity to list, you may be eligible to post a complimentary 1-month ad on Ped Jobs. For additional information, please
e-mail or call 800/433-9016 extension 4722.