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Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation, 6th Edition

Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation, 6th Edition (Includes interactive multimedia DVD!)

The NRP Textbook features 9 extensively revised lessons, updated Key Points sections, case scenarios for each major resuscitation technique, color photos, performance and integrated skills stations, and much more. It is available in English and Spanish editions. English version of DVD-ROM is included in both the English and Spanish textbooks.

The text is packaged with an all-new companion DVD-ROM (for use on a Mac or PC) that brings higher levels of interactivity and involvement to the learning process. Multi-decision point scenarios enable the student to direct the course of treatment simulations. Randomly generated clinical problems and outcomes offer varied learning challenges. The DVD-ROM also includes dynamic video footage of actual resuscitations, laryngoscopic camera footage, and animated 3-D demonstrations. A DVD-based presentation builder lets instructors enrich classroom and other presentations with high-impact video clips.

Instructor Manual for Neonatal Resuscitation

Instructor Manual for Neonatal Resuscitation

Thoroughly revised and updated, the manual features valuable instructor tips for the new course format, a detailed overview of Key Points changes, insights on recent scientific advances, updated how-to’s for incorporating mandatory online testing, using the new Integrated Skills Station checklist in courses, and tips for conducting simulation scenarios, and facilitating debriefings.

The revised instructor Manual also includes photographs that illustrate course concepts and numerous tools for assessing and improving instructor skills.

NRP Instructor DVD

NRP Instructor DVD

NRP Instructor DVD: An Interactive Tool for Facilitation of Simulation-based Learning Is a comprehensive interactive DVD with video-based depiction of the skills, techniques, and technologies for effective scenario development and debriefing. This “workshop in a box” serves as a guide to help prepare the Neonatal Resuscitation Program instructor to implement a simulation-based learning methodology. Included on the DVD are

  • Brief explanations of the philosophy and evidence supporting a change to simulation-based learning
  • Techniques and tools for creating and facilitating realistic, challenging clinical scenarios and conducting effective debriefing in both simple and complex learning environments
  • Interactive video that demonstrates techniques for effective simulation-based learning, including the use of video for enhancing debriefing
  • Video clips of neonatal resuscitation skills to support self-directed learning or specific video instruction during Provider or Instructor courses

NRP Reference Charts

Quick, one-stop guide to neonatal resuscitation steps. Choose from 3 convenient formats.

Wall Chart (22″ x 34″)
Printed on new flexible plastic, with self-adhesive mounting strips.

NRP Wall Chart

Code Cart Card (8½″ x 11″)
Self-adhesive strips ease on-cart mounting.

Code Cart Card

NRP Pocket Card (4″ x 6″)
Great “take-along” for students and new residents.

NRP Pocket Card
NRP Simulation Poster

NRP Simulation Poster

Enhance trainee skills during simulation and debriefing. Review with your trainees the key behavioral skills that contribute to enhanced communication, teamwork, and resuscitation performance.

SimplyNRP, Second Edition

SimplyNRP, Second Edition

Developed by the AAP and Laerdal Medical, a self-directed educational tool for health care professionals that teaches hands-on resuscitation skills. Includes a 40-minute DVD that instructs the learner through the equipment check, initial steps, positive-pressure ventilation, and chest compressions. Also includes the NeoNatalie™ simulator equipped with squeeze bulbs to simulate spontaneous breathing, palpable umbilical response, and crying, a simulated equipment panel, feeding tube, 20-mL syringe, clamp, stethoscope, bulb syringe, oxygen tubing, pulse oximeter sensor, bag-and-mask, and blanket.



Access iNRP, an innovative mobile Web application featuring the updated full-color algorithm for neonatal resuscitation, based upon the 2010 ILCOR guidelines, from your mobile device at!

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