Online Examination Questions

How can my learners access the completion certificate for their 5th edition evaluation (offered through ExamWeb)?

If your learners completed the 5th Edition online evaluation (offered through ExamWeb), they have the ability to access and print their certificate of completion through December 31, 2013. The ExamWeb site can be accessed at

Please note, learners no longer have the option to complete the 5th edition online evaluation via ExamWeb. Beginning January 1, 2012, all learners are required to complete the 6th edition online examination offered through HealthStream.

What is the NRP Online Examination offered through HealthStream?

The online examination replaces the written test, and will be hosted by HealthStream. After online testing is complete, students receive a printout indicating which lessons have been successfully completed and the date of completion. The student will then present the printout within 30 days to the instructor for verification of completion. If the leaner fails one or more lessons on the online test, that lesson(s) may be retaken one time within 14 days. If a learner fails any lesson 2 or more times the learner must repay and must retake the entire exam.

Click here for an FAQ containing additional information about the online examination offered through HealthStream. 

Up to 9 hours of Continuing Education Credit will be offered for the examination for physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, and emergency medical service professionals.

How can I contact HealthStream?

If you have any questions or issues, you may contact your HealthStream administrator or HealthStream Customer Support at: 1.800.521.0574, selection #2 or email:

I have limited Internet access and am concerned about gaining access to the NRP Online Examination.

The recommended internet connectivity requirements for accessing the NRP Online Examination are a Broadband, T1, Cable or DSL connection. Users with dial up connections may experience decreased performance in viewing the brief video clips contained in the online examination. If you are teaching courses in areas that do not have access to the internet, we suggest that you identify a public library, fire station, hospital, or community center that will permit learners to access the examination.

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