Instructor Updates

Who can become a Hospital-based Instructor?

The Regional Trainer conducting the HBI course is responsible for verifying that HBI course participants meet the following eligibility requirements before taking the course:

  • Have training and experience in the hospital care of newborns in a delivery room, newborn, or critical care nursery setting. The ideal instructor will have ongoing* delivery room experience.
  • Have educational or clinical responsibilities within a hospital or other appropriate medical facility (medical school or nursing school).
  • Have a current NRP provider card (having completed Lessons 1 through 9) or take an NRP instructor course that includes the provider component. Note: It is essential that the hospital-based instructor possess the knowledge and skills presented in the provider course.
  • Be a physician, registered nurse, respiratory care practitioner, or physician assistant.

* Potential Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) Instructors need to be well versed in the AAP/AHA NRP, its materials, and the techniques used to teach these resuscitation skills; but this is only a portion of what is needed to become an excellent instructor. The instructor must also have experience in the resuscitation of neonates following many normal and emergency deliveries in order to correctly and confidently answer questions about resuscitation. This is generally achieved in a position that involves responsibilities in the delivery room or neonatal intensive care unit of an acute care facility. Positions that require only limited participation in the resuscitation of hospitalized newborns are not felt to give the clinical experience needed to answer questions that the NRP learner might have.

Registered nurses, physicians, respiratory care practitioners, or physician assistants with experience in the delivery room or intensive care nursery are generally able to draw from their more extensive clinical experience and educational training when answering technical resuscitation questions. Health care providers who have worked mainly in an emergency room or transport system generally have infrequent experience with deliveries. A position which involves weekly exposure to the delivery room and neonatal resuscitation is considered adequate. A position with only monthly or less frequent involvement with those activities is not considered sufficient.

Where is my Instructor Card?

Situation What you need to do
Have taught all courses necessary to be renewed Be looking in the mail—a new instructor card will automatically be sent to you the month prior to renewal.
Have been renewed, but not received a new card Make sure your information in the NRP Instructor Database is correct. You can correct the information online or contact Life Support staff to correct it for you. Once your information is correct, ask the Life Support staff to send you a card.
Will expire soon and have not taught enough courses to be renewed Teach the number of necessary courses to maintain your status (at least 2). If you are a Regional Trainer, at least one of these courses must be a provider or provider renewal course. Make sure your roster is submitted prior to your expiration date.
Have already expired, but taught enough courses It is possible that not all your rosters have been submitted. If you were an assisting instructor, your name may have been left off a submitted roster. Contact Life Support staff and inform them of your situation.
Have expired and have not taught enough courses to be renewed You will need to retake the provider course and the instructor course.

I lost my NRP Instructor card, how can I replace it?

To request a replacement NRP Hospital-based Instructor or Regional Trainer card, please contact the Life Support staff at 847.434.4798 or you can send an email with your request to If you are sending a request via email, please include your address so staff can verify your record before mailing. Staff will send a replacement card within a week.

How can I verify the status of NRP Instructors within our institution?

The Academy has developed confidentiality guidelines for NRP Instructors. The Academy will not provide verification of status or personal information through a third party request. You will need to ask the instructor for a copy of their NRP card. The card should provide you with their expiration date useful to pre-hospital providers who desire in-depth training specific to neonatal resuscitation.

What are the requirements to maintain NRP Instructor status?

One of the most significant changes is the requirement that all Instructors and Instructor-candidates complete the NRP Instructor DVD: An Interactive Tool for Facilitation of Simulation-based Learning. The NRP Instructor DVD can be purchased through the AAP Online Bookstore. Up to 4 hours of Continuing Education Credit will be offered for the DVD for physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, and emergency medical service professionals.

Beginning January 1, 2013, Instructors will be required to complete and pass all 9 lessons of the online examination every 2 years based on renewal date. Instructors may take the online examination once a year, free of charge. If you fail the online examination, you will be required to retake it and will be responsible for covering any costs incurred for retaking the exam. Continuing education credit will only be offered once every 2 years. Up to 9 hours of Continuing Education Credit will be offered for the examination for physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, and emergency medical service professionals.

Click here for Instructor information on how to access the online examination.

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