Upcoming Seminars

October 23, 2015

NRP Current Issues Seminar in Washington, DC.

PowerPoint presentations from meeting -

- NRP 7th Edition Materials: Where NRP is Going; Gary Weiner, MD, FAAP; Jeanette Zaichkin, RN, MN, NNP-BC

- The ILCOR process for evidence based review and the role of public comment; Myra Wyckoff, MD, FAAP

- The impact of temperature on neonatal resuscitation and temperature maintenance strategies; Henry Lee, MD, FAAP

- Chest Compressions in Neonatal Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation; Vishal Kapadia, MD, FAAP

- eSimulation; Anne Ades, MD, FAAP; Kimberly Ernst, MD, MSMI, FAAP

- The OB Perspective of NRP; Jessica Illuzzi, MD, MS, FAAP

- Taking Simulation & Debriefing to the Next Level; Taylor Sawyer, DO, MEd, FAAP

- Breakout 1: Your Scenario Begins Now - Case Demonstrations of the New Science; Marya Strand, MD, FAAP; Jeanette Zaichkin, RN, MN, NNP-BC

- Breakout 2: What Will 7th Edition Courses Look Like?; Linda McCarney, MSN, RN, NNP-BC, EMT-P

- Breakout 3: Ethics in the DR; Steven Ringer, MD, PhD, FAAP; Henry Lee, MD, FAAP

- Breakout 4a: How to Successfully Debrief the Debriefer; Christopher Colby, MD, FAAP; Taylor Sawyer, DO, MEd, FAAP

- Breakout 4b: Essential Care for Every Baby and Essential Care for Small Babies; Carl Bose, MD, FAAP; Nalini Singhal, MD, FAAP