Online Exam Information and Access

The NRP has partnered with HealthStream to host the online exam that all providers must complete prior to attending an instructor-led course. The hard-copy examination is no longer available to instructors or learners.

Click here to view the NRP 6th Edition Online Examination Precourse Packet

Click here to access the HealthStream individual purchase site

Here are some points to keep in mind before beginning the online examination.

  • The exam should be completed during the 30 days before the hands-on portion of the course. If you do not complete the instructor-led portion of the course within 30 days of completing the exam, the exam becomes invalid and you will need to purchase and retake the exam.
  • Existing providers should successfully complete all relevant lessons of the online examination prior to the expiration date on their existing provider course completion card.
  • Lessons 1-4 and Lesson 9 are required and must be passed in order to complete the exam. An institution may require an individual to pass additional assigned lessons as determined by hospital policy.
  • An individual is allowed one failure of each lesson. If an individual fails any lesson a second time, they will have failed the entire NRP exam and be required to purchase and complete another exam.
  • Though an individual can access all of the lessons after starting the test, the exam is considered complete once all five required lessons (Lessons 1-4 and Lesson 9) are passed, and option lessons can no longer be accessed. If you are planning to take any additional lessons (i.e., Lessons 5, 6, 7, and/or 8), you should do so before completing the required lessons.
  • If you have any questions or issues, you may contact your HealthStream administrator or HealthStream Customer Support at: 1-800-521-0574, selection #3 or email

International Users

Individuals outside of North America are welcome to use this online testing program. However, NRP Course Completion Cards are not issued for courses held outside North America or US territories. If you elect to complete the online examination, you will also need to complete skills training, simulation and debriefing under the guidance of an approved instructor within North America or a US territory within 30 days of successfully completing the online examination in order to obtain a Course Completion Card.