NRP Research Grant and Young Investigator Award Program

Funds are available from the American Academy of Pediatrics Neonatal Resuscitation Program to support research that furthers knowledge in the area of neonatal resuscitation. These funds may be used to generate pilot data to allow the investigator to develop the basis for an application for independent research support through conventional granting mechanisms.

There are two types of grant awards available: a Young Investigator Award and an NRP Research Grant.

Researchers from US and Canadian medical institutions are invited to apply. The NRP Young Investigator Award is only available to residents, fellows-in-training or those professionals who are no more than four years out of their fellowship. Applicants can apply for either a NRP Research Grant or NRP Young Investigator Award, not both.

The 2017 NRP Research Grant and Young Investigator Award Intent Application is now available. Potential applicants for either the NRP Research Grant or the NRP Young Investigator Award must submit an intent for application to the NRP Steering Committee by Friday, April 4, 2017

The intents will be reviewed and the committee will ask a select group to submit full proposals. Those selected will receive a full application from the AAP Division of Life Support Programs on or before May 26, 2017 .

Grant Information:
2017 NRP Grant Guidelines (PDF)
2017 NRP Grant Priorities (PDF)
Approved and Funded NRP Research Grants and Young Investigator Awards (PDF)