Database & LMS

The NRP has partnered with HealthStream to develop a new NRP Database and Learning Management System (LMS).  The new Database and LMS will launch in spring 2016 in conjunction with the NRP 7th Edition.  Check back often!  Information, including tutorials, will be available closer to 2016

7th Edition Database

The new NRP database will automate many aspects of the administrative portion of NRP.  All courses taught using the NRP 7th Edition should be recorded within the new database.  

  • - Instructors will create course rosters in the database before the course.  Instructors or administrators can register students into the course, or students can search for courses in their area and request to register.   
  • - After the course, instructors can confirm if a student passed, failed or did not attend the course before submitting the roster.  After the roster is submitted, students will receive a link to a post-course evaluation. 
  • - Learners will receive their course completion card immediately after they complete the post-course evaluation. 
  • - NRP cards will be electronic, and stored within each instructor and provider’s database record.  Users can use the system to e-mail their course completion card to a third party (for example, an employer). 

  • Learning Management System

    • - The NRP Online Instructor Examination, NRP Online Provider Examination, eSimulation, NRP Instructor Renewal Course, and NRP Instructor Candidate Course will all be web-based and housed within the learning management system. 
    • - Institutions who are not HealthStream customers can continue to access NRP materials using their existing Learning Management System and HealthStream Connect.