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HEALTHY ACTIVE LIVING FOR FAMILIES (HALF): RIGHT FROM THE START is a program of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). It is sponsored through the generous support of the Nestlé Nutrition Institute (NNI). The goal of the HALF project is to develop and test a series of positive, family-focused messages specific to obesity prevention and care for the following developmental stages: infancy, toddlerhood, and early childhood/preschoolers, which can be used at pediatric well-child visits. These messages and materials will be unique from those already in existence because they will be crafted using the medical home framework, a developmental approach to children's care, and parent-tested.

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Healthy Active Living Right From the Start Project in Summary

Goal: Develop a series of strength-based, plain language, parent tested, evidence informed, age-appropriate healthy active living messages to engage and support parents/families in healthy active living birth to 5.  The resulting materials will be a series of patient handouts for point of care and an implementation guide for providers.

Why: Our 2008/9 needs assessment with AAP pediatricians identified a need for family education materials that were developmentally appropriate and in plain language.

1) a series of plain language parent handouts (English and Spanish)
2) a physician implementation guide

Why is this project unique? Parent Driven!

  • Two rounds of focus groups (formative and confirmatory)
  • One ongoing parent team to guide Editorial Board and staff throughout duration of project

Expert Editorial Board will synthesize parent team info, focus group data and latest evidence. Comprised of:

  • Obesity Experts
  • Developmental Specialists
  • Parent Liaison from Parent Team
  • Plain Language Consultants
  • Spanish Language Consultants

About the Focus Groups:
Aim: Listen to parent concerns, questions and challenges regarding issues related to food, feeding and activities for infants, toddlers and young children and identify messages that resonate with them and engage them in the importance of healthy active living in early childhood
Method: Conduct a series of focus groups with parents of children ages birth-5 years - Recruitment strategy designed to maximize sample diversity by SES, race/ethnicity, and geography

  • Formative Groups - Fall 2010: Gather initial information to inform development of positive, family friendly, HAL messages - 8 groups to be conducted at various locations around the country
  • Confirmatory Groups - Spring 2011: Test messages and distribution modalities (≥26 groups to be conducted plus four Spanish speaking focus groups)

Timeline: Focus groups complete by March 2011, pilot testing Summer 2011, preliminary materials available at NCE 2011, and final launch in early 2012.

Sponsored through the generous support of the Nestlé Nutrition Institute

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