AAP Childhood Overweight and Obesity
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Week Two: A Focus on Early Obesity Prevention

Early Obesity Prevention at the Primary Care Office

The obesity epidemic impacts even our nation’s youngest children with:

    • Slightly over 20 percent of children aged 2 to 5 are overweight or obese

    • Almost 10 percent of infants and toddlers have high weight for length

    • Approximately one in five children is already carrying excess weight as he or she enters kindergarten

To help pediatricians and families address early obesity prevention, the Academy spoke with over 200 parents and developed the evidence-informed Healthy Active Living for Families materials for families and pediatricians.

  • Visit www.healthychildren.org/growinghealthy to see the parent-informed, plain-language content, and age-appropriate content focused on food and feeding, physical activity, and tips for parents.

  • Visit www.aap.org/HALFIG to explore the risk behavior timelines, conversation starters, and opportunities for care. Also download widgets and quizzes for your pediatric website!

Learn more about the how the HALF project and early obesity prevention:

Early Obesity Prevention in Child care

In addition, to supporting the pediatricians at the point of care, the Academy through its Healthy Child Care America/Child Care Health Partnership and the Head Start’s National Center for Health, has been integral to developing standards that promote healthy active living at early education and child care centers and has helped to train child care health consultants and early education and child care providers on the importance of healthy active living.
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