AAP Childhood Overweight and Obesity
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What AAP is doing

What is AAP doing about childhood obesity?

Obesity is a serious health condition for today's pediatric population and the Academy has made childhood overweight and obesity a priority. Currently it is estimated that approximately 30% of the pediatric population (2-19 year olds) has as a BMI of 85% or higher. This is extremely troubling given the health problems associated with overweight and obesity are serious and can manifest in lifelong chronic disease such as Type 2 Diabetes, asthma, and cardiovascular disease (i.e., high blood pressure and high cholesterol). In addition, overweight and obese children are likely to suffer lower self esteem, depression, and be the targets of teasing and/or bullying. Furthermore, overweight and obese children are more likely to become obese adults. Thus the pediatric population warrants significant attention in order to stem the problem of adult obesity.

The Academy has made it a priority to

  • Support pediatricians in addressing obesity prevention, assessment, and treatment at the point of care;
  • Help families understand the importance of active healthy living;
  • Engage families, pediatricians, and the public at large to create healthy active communities.

The Obesity Leadership Workgroup

Obesity has been a strategic priority for the AAP since 2003. A two-year strategic planning Task Force on Obesity developed the AAP's current plans for moving the childhood obesity prevention and treatment agenda forward. Reflecting our commitment to the issue and with much insight from membership, Academy leadership, and staff, the AAP Board convened a high level Obesity Leadership Workgroup in the spring of 2008. Comprised of leaders within the field of obesity and AAP executive staff, the workgroup is coordinating identification of areas for growth that are consistent with obesity priorities and engaging Academy leadership, staff, and membership entities in collaborative development and implementation of specific activities to address obesity priorities.

View the current "Academy Obesity Action Plan" pdf icon

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