The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Children’s Oral Health effort offers advocacy resources promoting oral care in primary pediatric care professional practices and educating policy makers and payers about the importance of payment for pediatric oral health care and the community water fluoridation.

Children's Dental Campaign Advocates for Caries Preventive Services Campaign Advocates for Medicaid Payment and Community Water Fluoridation

The AAP is partnering with The Pew Charitable Trusts to encourage state Medicaid programs to pay primary care physicians and other medical providers for preventive oral health services including a gross oral exam, caries risk assessment, counseling and referral to a dental home, and the application of fluoride varnish as indicated. Learn those states in which the AAP and state AAP chapters are focusing for policy change and find payment details, including rates and codes, for those states that have enacted this policy change.

State Medicaid Payment Map

This map identifies which states are paying primary care physicians and other medical providers to provide oral health services and in what states advocacy efforts are taking place to enact this policy change.

State Medicaid Payment Information

This table is derived from a 50-state survey that asked Medicaid programs about their requirements related to payment for oral health services. It explains what codes to use to submit for payment, the age limits of children who can receive the services, the number of varnishes that can be applied annually, training required prior to implementation, and if delegation is allowed. For more state specific information, visit the State Information and Resource Map.

Celebrating Our Wins

Celebrating Our Wins - More Medicaid Programs Pay for Oral Health Prevention Services in Doctors' Offices tells the tale of how, within just a few short years, Medicaid payment for these services went from 25 to 44 states. This change has allowed more doctors and other primary care providers to address oral health in their offices and receive payment for their services. The AAP, in partnership with the Pew Children's Dental Campaign, successfully advocated for this change in many states. Learn how by clicking here.

Community Water Fluoridation

The AAP administers and is a partner in the Campaign For Dental Health, a network of national, state and local children’s and oral health advocates, health professionals, and scientists. The Campaign supports water fluoridation as a safe, cost-effective method of preventing tooth decay and provides reliable information for use by consumers and advocates.

AAP Section on Oral Health Advocacy Federal, State, and Private Payer Efforts

The AAP Section on Oral Health is involved in oral health advocacy efforts in coordination with the Department of Federal Affairs, the Division of State Government Affairs, and the Private Payer Advocacy Advisory Committee.

Federal Affairs Website

AAP members can learn about efforts of The Department of Federal Affairs, based in Washington, DC. The Department of Federal Affairs is the Academy’s link to federal legislative activities in the US Congress and the Administration’s departments and agencies.

State Government Affairs Website

The Division of State Government Affairs, located at the Academy’s Elk Grove Village headquarters, provides consultation on state legislative and regulatory activities and assists AAP chapters and members with addressing child and adolescent health and pediatric practice issues and strategies at the state and local levels.

Private Payer Advocacy Advisory Committee

The Private Payer Advocacy Advisory Committee works to assist pediatricians with their economic and organizational position in the private health care system. The committee also helps AAP members and chapters to identify and respond to issues with private carriers and guide AAP efforts to proactively address private payer carrier policies and operations that impact access, quality, coverage, and value for pediatric services.

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Pew Children’s Dental Campaign

The Pew Children’s Dental Campaign works to ensure efficient cost-effective solutions to children’s oral health problems.

Children’s Dental Health Project

The Children’s Dental Health Project identifies federal activities regarding children’s oral health.

ADA Action for Dental Health
American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry’s Advocacy News
Children’s Health Insurance Program
Fluoride Advocacy

See whether your community has fluoridated water and get the facts for water fluoridation advocacy projects. Get help with promoting water fluoridation in your community from the Campaign for Dental Health.

Fluoride Legislative User Information Database (FLUID)

FLUID is a comprehensive database containing historical information on legal cases decided by US courts and current information on federal and state policies regarding community water fluoridation.