Funding Opportunities

The American Academy of Pediatrics is committed to helping pediatricians and other medical providers learn how to identify oral disease, provide caries prevention services, and when to refer to a pediatric or family dentist. To achieve this, the AAP provides funding to individuals interested in educating other pediatricians and medical providers about oral health.

If you are interested in educating other pediatricians and medical providers about oral health, consider applying for funding to support your efforts.

AAP Oral Health Risk Assessment Preceptorship Program

From 2006–2011, the AAP was able to provide Oral Health Risk Assessment Preceptorships to pediatricians throughout the country. With this funding, pediatricians organized community meetings, educational trainings, and hands-on fluoride varnish experiences with their staff and local colleagues. The AAP provided a preceptor from its knowledgeable speaker’s bureau of pediatric dentists, hygienists, and pediatricians. Past Grant Summaries (164 KB) are available for review.

Other Funding Opportunities

The AAP frequently offers funding opportunities for projects including those related to oral health.

  • AAP Community Access to Children’s Health (CATCH) Grants
    CATCH funds planning, implementation, and resident grants to improve children’s health. Each year an oral health grant is funded.
  • Healthy Tomorrows
    A cooperative agreement between the AAP and the Federal Maternal and Child Health Bureau. Healthy Tomorrows supports community-based child health projects that improve the health status of mothers, infants, children, and adolescents by increasing their access to health services. Oral health projects are considered and have been funded in the past.
  • AAP Grants Database
    The AAP houses a database of past funding opportunities to assist pediatricians and others to generate ideas.
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Preventive oral health care is important. Children shouldn’t miss school or have difficulty learning due to tooth pain.