Oral Health Practice Tools

Incorporate oral health into your practice with these easy-to-use tools and resources. Learn how to perform an oral health risk assessment, nutrition and oral hygiene counseling, and to apply fluoride varnish when needed as a vital part of the well child exam.

How Should I Set Up My Practice To Include Oral Health?

What Do I Need To Apply Fluoride Varnish in My Office?

How and When Do I Provide an Oral Exam and Risk Assessment?

How Much Fluoride Do My Patients Need?

How Do I Help Children To Find a Dental Home?

How Can I Educate Families?

How Do I Get Paid?

  • The State Medicaid Payment Map identifies which states are paying primary care physicians and other medical providers to provide oral health services and in what states advocacy efforts are taking place to enact this policy change.
  • This State Medicaid Payment Information table is derived from a 50-state survey that asked Medicaid programs about their requirements related to payment for oral health services. It explains what codes to use to submit for payment, the age limits of children who can receive the services, the number of varnishes that can be applied annually, training required prior to implementation, and if delegation is allowed.
  • Oral Health Coding Fact Sheet
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Bright Futures

Bright Futures is a national health promotion and disease prevention initiative that addresses children's health needs in the context of family and community. In addition to use in pediatric practice, many states implement Bright Futures principles, guidelines, and tools to strengthen the connections between state and local programs, pediatric primary care, families, and local communities. The Bright Futures Health Supervision Guidelines for Infants, Children, and Adolescents, 3rd Edition, includes strong oral health recommendations and the program is working to create tools to ease the implementation of oral health in to practice. View the new Oral Health Risk Assessment Tool tested through the Bright Futures Brightening Oral Health Project and the Bright Futures Oral Health Pocket Guide.