Section on Oral Health

The Section on Oral Health is a group of pediatric dentists, pediatricians, and other allied health professionals interested in learning about and improving children’s oral health through collaborative efforts. The Section focuses on educating pediatricians through multiple forums, advocacy for children’s oral health, and improving relationships and communication between the dental and medical homes. Learn about our leaders, how to become a member, our policy statements, and other resources for Section members.

Section on Oral Health Leadership

Executive Committee (Voting Members)
David Krol, MD, MPH, FAAP, Chairperson, term ends 10/2018
Patricia Braun, MD, MPH, FAAP, term ends 10/2018
Susan Fisher-Owens, MD, MPH, FAAP term ends 10/2019
Lisa Jacobs, DDS, MS, term ends 10/2017
Jeffrey M Karp, DMD, MS, term ends 10/2018
John Unkel, MD, DDS, MS, term ends 10/2019

Sharon Clough, American Dental Association
Amr Mahmoud Moursi, DDS, PhD, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

Email for more information about our leadership.


There are 4 categories of membership in the Section. See below to determine your category.

AAP Section Member
Open to pediatricians who are already members of the AAP. Membership to the Section is $20 per year. To join the Section fill out the Online Council/Section Membership Application. Email if you need assistance.

AAP Associate Member
Open to pediatric dentists who are currently members of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. To join the AAP and the Section, fill out and submit the Associate Member application. Yearly dues are $354.

AAP National Affiliate Member
Open to physician’s assistants. Yearly dues for physician’s assistants are $20. To join the Section fill out the Online Council/Section Membership Application. Email if you need assistance.

AAP Section Affiliate Member
Open to general dentists and retired pediatric dentists, allied health professionals including dental hygienists, dental assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, pediatric residents, and pediatric dental residents. To join the Section, fill out and submit the Council/Section Affiliate Member application. Yearly dues for allied health professionals are $60. Yearly dues for pediatric dentistry residents are $20.

Pediatric Resident Section Member
Yearly dues for pediatric residents are $10. Visit the Member Center (log-in required) to join online (click on Resident Member, fill out the form, and choose oral health).


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Resources for Members

By becoming a member of the SOOH, you will have access to member-only resources on MyAAP. When you click on any of the below you will be asked to enter your AAP ID and password to gain access to the Web page or file.

SOOH Quarterly Newsletter

A quarterly newsletter for members. This newsletter encourages the communication and collaboration between the medical and dental homes through educational articles and information sharing. To receive the newsletter, join the Section. View the current issue in MyAAP. To obtain past issues, e-mail

Become a Chapter Oral Health Advocate

Section members may be interested in becoming a Chapter Oral Health Advocate. A COHA is a pediatrician or dentist in each state who is appointed by the AAP State Chapter to train pediatricians and others on oral health and advocate for children's oral health when necessary. To learn more about becoming a COHA click here.

Section Executive Committee Roster

View the Section Executive Committee Roster lock_icon in MyAAP (log-in required) to contact your leaders.

Section Roster

View the Section Member Roster lock_icon in MyAAP (log-in required) to find colleagues in your state and others interested in children’s oral health.