National Summit on Children's Oral Health

The National Summit on Children’s Oral Health was hosted by the American Academy of Pediatrics on November 7-8, 2008. Summit participants included leaders from medical, dental, and child health organizations, as well as leadership from federal agencies. The focus of the Summit was progress made to date toward meeting recommendations of the 2000 Surgeon General’s Report on Oral Health in America and future strategies to overcome identified barriers in accelerating children’s access to oral health care services in the United States. For more detailed information about the Summit presentations, please contact

As a result of the Summit, the AAP coordinated the production of an Academic Pediatrics Special Issue on Children’s Oral Health. This information can be used to inform policy makers about children’s oral health issues.

Academic Pediatrics Special Issue on Children’s Oral Health
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Table of Contents (45 KB)



In the Moment

Science and Surveillance

Access and Barriers to Care

The Oral Health Workforce

Policy Achievements and Challenges

The AAP gratefully acknowledges the sponsors (98 KB) of the National Summit on Children’s Oral Health and the Academic Pediatrics Supplement as well as the efforts of Wendy Mouradian, MD, MS, Project Director.

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Even young babies need their teeth cleaned.